MaltaCPM FAQ's

1: What types of sites are accepted?

A: We accept almost any type of website! But your website must comply with our terms.
B: In addition, we can not accept these types of sites contain too many ads. For example, ads up to more than 50% of the site's content.

2: Minimum number of my web site visitors have?

A: We do not have minimum requirements. Whether your website receives 300 visitors a day, or up to 90,500, you can register and use our system.

3: How much will you earn?

A: Earnings vary depending on the website performance and market conditions. Geographic location of your site traffic levels can also play a part in determining your overall revenue potential.

4: How to increase the revenue?

A: Revenue is based on many factors. The best way to increase revenue by moving your ad near the top of the web page. Typically, an ad unit placed on top of the site earn more $ than ads placed in the leg.

5: Our minimum payout threshold is how much?

A: We have a minimum payment threshold is $100 and billing is handled automatically.

6: When will i get paid?

A: Payments are made NET30 / 6% Reduction, NET45 / 3% Reduction & NET60 / Default. So any payments for January traffic will be paid within the first week in March.. Please update your billing information correctly before we pay you.

7: What are my payment method?

A: Currently we offer PayPal ($100), Skrill ($100), Bank ($500), Payoneer ($100) as a payment method.

8: I was allowed to put multiple ad units?

A: You can only put a maximum of three samples of our ads on your site.

9: What's the average delay of MaltaCPM statistics?

A: Statistics are updated every 15 minutes past the hour. That means you might face a delay of just 15 minutes, or 1 hour and 14 minutes at most.

10: What ads are displayed?

A: MaltaCPM always shows the best paying ad on your website. MaltaCPM's intelligent and fully automatic system automatically finds the ad with the best CPM and shows it.

If you still have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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