Welcome to MaltaCPM

MaltaCPM is a web base ad network company which has a specific skill that provides solutions of online advertising. It consists of a deep understanding of present best practices through online ad network system, we are able to take right steps to confirm that we can offer a cost effective and economical platform for advertisers and publishers.

With a systematic and prompt solution for our advertising and publishing clients, we offer perfect business oriented ad network.

MaltaCPM masters to execute their function to achieve the target on network, with adequate tactics that resolves the concerns of their advertisers and publishers. An advertiser aggressively focus only those publishers those are performing similar business. MaltaCPM will provide expat services so that advertisers can take strong steps to find out a result oriented approach to achieve excellence.

MaltaCPM has developed a right methodology for highly profitable business for our valuable advertisers and publishers. A highly motivated expats team is available to resolve the queries of advertisers and publishers very promptly.

Some of your High Points are as follows:

  • MaltaCPM offer a 1 line ad code that you can easily copy / paste on your website.
  • You can get paid PayPal, Skrill, Bank and Payoneer payment methods.
  • Contextual advertising methods.
  • Geographical and behavioral targeting methods.
  • Well-defined Revenue model (CPM, CPA, CPC).
  • Payments are 100% processed on-time.
  • 100% fill rate for (CPM, CPA, CPC) ads.

Our Suppliers